Stress Toys For Adults

fidget toys for children

Stress toys for adults can come in the form of fidget toys that help us concentrate on something other than whats stressing us out. They do this by filtering out the distractions and providing us with an anchor point of safety. They also do this by helping to adjust our environment as closely as possible to the one that works best for us.fidget toys for children

It seems odd to claim that an item which is essentially used to encourage fidgeting could, in fact, sharpen our focus but that’s because of the way that fidget aids and toys work.

Fidget toys help us to self-regulate and direct our extraneous movements and energies towards whatever we are focusing on.

Think about all those flicking, jiggling and wriggling movements you or someone you know might otherwise make when attempting to focus on just one task.

For those who suffer from ADHD, autism, anxiety and a number of other conditions, this can be almost impossible in itself. Providing an aid to direct all that fidgeting, however, actually helps to enhance learning and concentration.

The movement and sensory input that previously proved distracting becomes beneficial when fidget items are introduced. Movement is essential for learning and concentration because it means that both left and right brain hemispheres are used.

It is actually counter-productive to attempt to force someone to remain perfectly still when studying or working on a task that requires concentration. Directed movement, such as that produced by fidget toys, enhances the benefits of movement while removing the negative elements.

Stress toys for adultsThis increased focus also means that those around the child or person concentrating, whether in the classroom or workplace, also benefit from their longer attention span and decreased restlessness.

You only have to think about the person who is constantly tapping their foot or the child who keeps getting up to go to the bathroom to know how this can impact on others, distracting them from their own tasks.

By diverting all that excess energy and extraneous movement into a fidget toy, users not only increase their own focus but that of those around them who would otherwise be distracted by their fidgeting.

This is, of course, another excellent reason to get and use a fidget toy if you are one of those people who would benefit or buy one for someone you know who could increase their own focus with one of these aids.

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