Lego City Volcano Exploration Base Review

lego city volcano exploration sets

This is the second largest set in a new range of ‘Volcano’ sets which are a sub-theme of the Lego City lego city volcano exploration base reviewtheme sets. Currently there are six sets available that range in price from a small starter set to the most expensive which is the Heavy-lift helicopter set.

The Volcano Exploration Base is an 824 piece set that consists of an erupting volcano and a massive truck and trailer that holds the mobile exploration unit. You also get an excavator, 6 mini-figures, a drone, a small dumper truck and a ton of other smaller accessories for lots of creative play.

How Much?

The price seems to be changing quiet a lot with this item but we are currently seeing the price at around $150.

Who Would Buy The Lego City Volcano Exploration Base?

Lego’s recommended age for this is 8-12 year olds but Lego collectors young or old would probably have some interest in this set.

Things We Like About It

Our favorite part of this set is the truck/mobile operations unit this big rugged looking vehicle opens up on either side to reveal the inside. The cab area has a crane on the back and there are lots of nice little accessories and attachments to go with it. The whole look of this vehicle has been well thought out and it is a bit different from the usual Lego truck.

lego city volcano exploration setsWe also liked the 6 mini-figures included which have a good balance of male and female characters as well as workers, adventurers and scientists.

The whole volcano and crystal finding scenario of this set makes for lots of creative game play for younger Lego enthusiasts.

Things We Did Not Like About It

The volcano has a special feature in which it fires lava bombs out from the top of the volcano by pushing on a switch. While this will be fun for the first few times for younger kids it doesn’t add much to the set and the lava bombs are likely to get lost pretty quickly if not looked after.

We also thought that the volcano looked a bit small compared against the monster mobile truck and the rest of the set.

Is The Lego City Volcano Exploration Base Worth The Money?

While this isn’t one of our favorite Lego sets it does have a lot of pieces and should appeal to most Lego fans it is very hard to judge it on price as when it was first announced for release in summer 2016 it was tagged at a $120 recommended retail price but we are seeing in excess of $150 at some city volcano exploration base

Where Can I Buy The Lego City Volcano Exploration Base

Amazon has the full range of Lego City Volcano Sets available at the moment and might be a good place to start your research for the best price.

Final Thoughts

This has enough play value to get hours and hours of fun out and if you have a budding seismologist in the family it will double the fun! At over 800 pieces it will keep the kids busy building for a long while as well.


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