Review of Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy

This Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy review reveals this 12-inch toy, which resembles the famous character Gidget from the movie. This extremely soft and large plush Gidget is really great for playtime and nap time. She is perfect for cuddling as well.secret life of pets gidget talking plush buddy review

This pet toy is pretty energetic, she talks, interacts, and makes noises whenever you tilt or squeeze her. She looks pretty, cute, and adorable, hence she can be the ideal companion for any kids. Bringing this plush buddy home will re-enact all your favorite moment and scenes from the great movie.

How Much

Well, this pet Gidget doesn’t cost too much. Rather, the price of this cute plush buddy is really affordable and obviously within anyone’s budget. The actual price of this product is around twenty dollars.

Who Would Buy It

The manufacturer of this charming pet toy has recommended that it is ideal for any kids ages 4-9 years. However, if you are a petlover, or you don’t want to adopt a real pet because of some daily headaches, then this enchanting and beautiful Gidget would be an absolute choice for you.

Things We Like About It

1. This lovely and adorable pet toys face is so cute with her big expressive eyes, cute floppy ears, lolling tongue, and pink bow. If you have watched the movie, The Secret Life of Pets earlier, then you will find this toy very similar with a favorite character from the movie, Gidget.

2. Operating this pet is extremely easy. You just need to either squeeze her or tilt her to get her talking. And she will immediately repeat some of the best dialogues from the movie, The Secret Life of Pets.

3. This talking plush buddy is made from some super soft plush materials which will entice you to hug her every time. She also has the perfect right size to cuddle her in your bed.

4. The manufacturer of this product recommends it as a kid’s pet toy, however, any one will definitely like to cuddle, snuggle, and play with her.

5. The product is a very well made talking plush, ensuring an excellent longevity and great durability.

secret life of pets gidget talking plush buddyThings We Did Not Like About It

Well, this talking plush buddy doesn’t have any major flaws. But still, due to the choking hazards, this product might not be suitable for any child less than 3 years old.

Is It Worth The Money

The package comes with one talking plush buddy, one instruction manual, and three button cell batteries. The entire package is easily affordable and pocket book friendly. The product’s specifications and the actual product is exactly similar. This pet toy has enough punch and potential to satisfy any buyer, with her design, looks, quality, and performance. All these features make Gidget a great value.

Where Can I Buy It

You can buy this Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy through the online e-commerce marketplaces. Like Amazon is offering the product at a very reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this product is not only affordable, but also Gidget can definitely bring you some delight with her pleasant looks and cute voice. She will bring some fun, entertainment and adventure into your home.