PlayStation 4 Review: Dedicated to Gaming

The Xbox One wants to be a multimedia center, but this PlayStation 4 review will reveal it is totally dedicated to playstation 4 reviewgaming. The PS4 was unveiled back in March, and Sony makes it perfectly clear that they believe they have created the ultimate system for gamers. The overall experience is much better over the previous PlayStation console as a gaming unit, but unlike the PS3 and Xbox One, this is not a “do everything” entertainment box. Let’s take a closer look.

 Console design: the PlayStation three was downright ugly. The PlayStation 4 is slim and trim, and you will not mind having it as part of your home entertainment system. The PS4 can lay flat or on its side, allowing for more storage opportunities than the Xbox One. This latest PlayStation console also runs cool and quiet.

 Game controller: the biggest single generation change ever to come to PlayStation controllers is the DualShock 4 found on the PS4. In both functionality and form factor, all the changes which have been made are improvements. The grips are longer and more comfortable to hold, and the joysticks have been redesigned. A lip around the top of the stick allows for much easier operation during complex moves. The front pair of shoulder buttons are larger and easier to access, and the rear triggers are springy, reformatted to better fit the shape of your index fingers. Also, the LED bar and built-in speaker on the controller can deliver in-game radio broadcasts and health status updates.

 Speed, fluidity, performance: the PlayStation 4 gaming console runs on an 8 core AMD processor, and boasts 8GB of GDDR5 RAM memory. Like the Xbox One, this means the PS4 is not backwards compatible with most old PlayStation titles. But the new PlayStation 4 design will let a video game access as much of that powerful processor as possible. This means that in the future, PS4 titles may outperform Xbox One games visually and graphically, as well as speed-wise. Speed and fluidity are outstanding, lag is minimal and usually nonexistent, with lighting and graphics considerably improved and more realistic.

 Camera: the Sony camera works like the Microsoft Kinect, in that it employs a dual camera and multiple microphone set up. The PlayStation 4 camera offers voice and face recognition technology, and is a huge step up from the PlayStation Eye Camera. However, at this point in the life cycle of the PlayStation 4, very few games use it, and your user interface does not access it in any meaningful way, though some basic voice controls are offered.

 PlayStation Vita Remote Play: offering access to more games than when it debuted on the last generation PS3, the capability to stream games from the PlayStation console to Sony’s portable PS Vita is better than ever. Bear in mind that this is a feature which is found on a limited number of games, though new titles are being added all the time. Electronic Arts (EA) has designed a custom controller interface for Battlefield 4 when you are using the PS Vita, and this feature will appeal to a niche group of PS4 owners.

 Miscellaneous: the PlayStation network has been improved in many areas, allowing you quick launch access to a party chat, as well as instant screen capture and game footage sharing on Facebook, Ustream or Twitch. Anyone broadcasting live streaming in-game footagACe can receive comments from other gamers, a feature which will appeal to the hard-core player.

 playstation controllerWrap-up: the PlayStation 4 is an outstanding gaming machine which can probably serve you for years and years without an upgrade. Make no mistake about it, this is a dedicated video gaming system. The Xbox One is a more versatile device, but the argument can be made that the PlayStation 4 is the most technically advanced video gaming dedicated system and console on the market today.