Air Hogs Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Drone Review

Air Hogs Star Trek USS Enterprise Drone Review

To coincide with the release of Star Trek Beyond Air Hogs Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Drone Review presents to you the 50th Anniversary of the original TV Air Hogs Star Trek USS Enterprise Drone ReviewSeries, Air Hogs has launched the first Star Trek Enterprise Flying Drone.

The drone is based on the NCC-1701-A which is the Enterprise from the movies rather than TV Show.

How Much?

This Star Trek Enterprise Drone has a recommended retail price of $130.

Who Would Buy The Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Drone?

The recommended age for this product is 10+

Being the first ever version of the Enterprise that actually flies this will be a must buy for Star Trek fans.  Kids who are just starting to discover Star Trek through the new movies might also be interested in this. For the serious Drone enthusiast this probably isn’t on their radar though some might be interested in the unique design which differentiates it from the typical drones available on the market.

air hogs enterprise reviewThings We Like About Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Drone

A lot of thought has gone in to this model to make it look authentic it has 10 different Light and sound functions including a phaser and warp factor sound.

Even though it is longer and sleeker looking than the usual quadcopter it is still based on the same principles, but to get the Star Trek look they have hidden the spinning propellers in the main saucer section of the Enterprise.

Though it doesn’t look particularly durable users are saying that they have crashed it a number of times with no damage.

Things We Didn’t Like About It

If you haven’t used a quadcopter or drone before it might take some time to get used to the controls and will probably result in a few crashes. We would suggest limiting your flying to indoor use at first before venturing outdoors with it. Some reviewers are speculating that it will become a collector’s item so you might want to keep it in nice condition just in case.

Is The Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Drone Worth The Money?air hogs star trek enterprise drone

The $130 price tag is fairly expensive for a quadcopter, you can get drones with built in cameras that work well for the same price. What you are paying for here is the unique Star Trek design and maybe a quadcopter that will become a collector’s item in the future. It also makes a nice display piece. For Star Trek fans or Drone Collectors I don’t see the cost being an issue.

Where Can I Buy The Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Drone?

Spin Master and their flying RC vehicle Air Hogs range is available in most Toy Shops, collectors and RC Stores as well as big online stores such as Amazon. Amazon is always worth taking a look as you can read the most up to date reviews from genuine users.

Final Thoughts

remote control star trek enterpriseIf you are a serious Trekkie the likelihood is that your mind is going to already be made up regarding the purchase of this Star Trek Enterprise Quadcopter. Those interested in TV collectibles might want to speculate and pick this up as a collector’s item.

We think that Air Hogs have got the design spot on. To see your own real life miniature version of the Starship U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701A cruising through the air boldly going where no man has gone before is just amazing!



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