Air Hogs Helix Sentinel First Person View FPV HD 720p Video Drone Review

air hogs helix sentinel drone review

Drones are all the rage this holiday season. Entry-level drones are now more affordable than ever air hogs helix sentinel drone reviewbefore. There are literally dozens of flying drones to choose from. They all offer video recording or streaming capabilities of some kind, and the wealth of offerings makes choosing one over another seem difficult.

Having said that, there are several features and accessories that make the Air Hogs – Helix Sentinel First Person View (FPV) HD 720p Video Drone an easy selection if you are thinking about purchasing a drone this holiday season, and demand high-end features with an affordable price tag.

Key Elements of the Air Hogs – Helix Sentinel First Person View (FPV) HD 720p Video Drone Review

* Comes programmed with Wi-Fi capability

* Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

* HD camera includes a wide-angle 120 degree lens

* Offers real-time streaming video in 2 views

* Includes 4 GB microSD card for recording video

What Makes the Air Hogs – Helix Sentinel First Person View (FPV) HD 720p Video Drone a Good Purchase?


Drones combine high flying remote control fun with video recording and streaming capabilities. All drones work basically the same way. They have 3 or more rotors which act much like a helicopter’s propellers to keep the device flying. Some type of camera is built-in, or can be attached.

Through the use of a wireless remote control, you can perform tricks with drones and/or use them for video surveillance, all the time recording video and snapshots. What sets this particular 4 rotor item apart from similar products, and the reason why it has made multiple holiday hot toy lists, is that it offers some really nice features that are generally found on higher end drones.

First off, the camera on board the Helix Sentinel Drone records in 720p high definition. A view of up to 120 degrees is captured with the wide-angle camera lens, and Wi-Fi streaming capabilities are possible. The majority of drones in this price range do not include a storage card.

helix sentinel drone reviewsHowever, this drone, which flies safely and effectively indoors and out, includes a 4 GB microSD card for video storage. Also, you have the capability of live streaming video to up to 2 smart phones, tablets or other smart devices at the same time.

With height lock stabilization, obstacle avoidance and a remote-control experience that makes flying simple even for the beginner, the Helix Sentinel Drone has a lot going for it. When you add the fact that goggles are included so you can see the world through the eyes of your flying drone, the already friendly price tag looks even better still.

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