Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Treasure Mountain Train Adventure Review

vtech go go smart wheels treasure mountain train adventure review

If your child loves motorized toys, the Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Treasure Mountain Train Adventure is a perfect play set for those who are between one and five years old.vtech go go smart wheels treasure mountain train adventure review

This little set allows your child to build tracks and set a small freight train on to watch it chug along. The freight train is included in the set and comes in a cheery yellow and brown color.

The set also includes different colored shapes, which are made to be used in the mine portion. This set is designed as a mountain, so the track is built through tunnels and hills and goes up into a mine.

The mine area also has a sorting part, so your child can match colors of objects with the color of the hole they’re supposed to go into. So it’s fun as well as educational.

The mine has rotating gears in fun colors – plus, it also has a mine shaft so your little one can have fun pretending to mine for gold. The mine includes a crane that your child can use to move the different shaped pieces around.

The holes for the shape pieces are located at the top of the mine. This allows your child to drop the pieces into the different holes and watch them tumble down the mine.

Your child can also wait for the train to drive under the mine and drop the shape piece so that it lands in the cargo holder attached to the back of the train. The track is also great for teaching.

It has nine SmartPoint locations. These locations make sound effects as well as music and different phrases. One of the locations also teaches the name of the vehicle that’s included in the set.

smart wheels treasure mountain train adventureAnother cool thing about this track is that the pieces snap together and snap apart, similar to puzzle pieces. So kids can mix and match pieces of the track from this set to other Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets. This allows kids to create a giant track if they own several sets from this brand.

The track is in several different colors to add even more fun for your child. The track can be set up however your child wants to place it. The easy way the pieces snap together makes the track a breeze to put together as well as take down.

If you’d like to purchase more tiny vehicles for the track set, there are other cars and trains that are sold separately. There are several trains designed to run on the various sets, including ones that have mine and tanker cars attached.

The train included in this toy set has a button that lights up the train and teaches your child fun phrases. One of the phrases teaches your child that the letter F stands for freight train. This train also interacts with SmartPoint locations on other track playsets.

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