Nerf Modulus Barrel Strike Blaster Review

Nerf Modulus Barrel Strike Blaster review

For those of you that love everything Nerf, there’s a new toy that is about to emerge! Looking at all of the toys that are going to be released in 2017, it looks like children and adults are going to have a lot of fun!  Nerf is a name that many of us are familiar with – it’s a toy brand commonly found in every household with children. The particular toy we’re interested in today is in this Nerf Modulus Barrel Strike Blaster Review. Is this toy something to look forward to? Let’s continue forward to find out if it’s something you’ll be interested in …

What is the Nerf Modulus Barrel Strike Blaster?

Nerf Modulus Barrel Strike Blaster reviewThe Nerf Barrel Strike Blaster is the ultimate toy needed – with this toy at your side, you will be able to win all of those exciting Nerd battles! If you have one of these bad boys, the other kids will be jealous, no joke. Children will have the opportunity to build their own blaster to complete any battle or mission with the Nerd Modulus system – this is fully customizable.

By customizable, we mean you can customize modulus blasters with interchangeable accessories and create a variety of exciting combinations. Looking at the toy and reading about it, we found that over one hundred different combinations are possible. Each accessory, however, is sold separately, but that’s not that big of a deal, because it gives the little ones something to aim for and spend their allowance on. With over 100 different combinations, it’s going to be merely impossible to get bored of this Nerf toy …as if “bored” and “Nerf” are ever used together.

Features of the Nerf Barrel Strike mod

  • You can convert it from blaster to barrel attachment
  • Attaches to Nerf modules blasters – each one is sold separately
  • 4-shot blaster fires one dart at a time, making for accurate shooting

What comes  in the Nerf Barrelstrike box:

In the box, you will receive the following:

  • The blaster
  • The instructions (they’re easy to understand)
  • 4 darts
  • Batteries are not required for this product, so there will be no late night battery runs!

With this Nerf toy, kids can upgrade their blaster and have it ready for any mission or battle. This is a four shot blaster that converts to a barrel attachment. You can use it on its own, or use it to blast your way into battle. You can even attach it to a Nerd Modules blaster (that is sold separately) as a barrel extension. If you use it as a blaster, it can hold up to a total of four darts, firing each one one at a time.

To convert it, simply flip the end up, and attach it to the barrel of a Nerf Modular blaster – this is a quick process that can be done when that mission calls for long-range blasting.

Since it has over 1000 different combinations possible, he kids are going to have a lot of fun with this one, and there’s no denying that fact.

A Word of Advice

Due to small parts that could cause a choking hazard, this product is not recommended for children ages three and younger. You should only use the darts that have been designed for this product and do not try to modify the darts.


If you’re looking for a new toy that is exciting and has a bunch of cool combinations, then the Nerf Modulus Barrel Strike is a great option.

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