Lego Duplo Big Construction Site Review

lego duplo big construction site review

All kids like building things and knocking them down so they are going to love this construction site setlego duplo big construction site review that includes a truck, bulldozer and crane and a lot of other great accessories.

With big colored pieces for small hands Duplo are ideal building toys for preschoolers.

How Much?

This Duplo Set retails for around fifty dollars.

Who Would Buy The Lego Duplo Big Construction Site

Duplo is Lego’s range of building toys for younger kids and they recommend this set for ages 2-5 years old. While construction sets are traditionally a ‘Boys’ toy there is no reason why young boy or girls wouldn’t enjoy playing with this set. There is plenty of imaginative play to be had with this set and even if your children aren’t particularly interested in ‘Construction’ they will love all the different moving parts and features included.

Things We Like About The Lego Duplo Big Construction Site

Duplo aren’t lying when they say this is a big set;

You get a crane that has a cabin that rotates and a working claw arm for picking up bricks or other items.

There is also a tracked bulldozer and a tipper truck.

lego duplo big construction siteAccessories include 3 safety helmeted construction workers, traffic cones and a working wheelbarrow. There are also other bricks to build or be carried in the truck or grabbed by the crane.

If you have kids that play well together this will keep more than one child amused and there is plenty of repeat play to be had with this set.

If you children already have Duplo sets this one should fit in nicely with any that they already own.

Things We Didn’t like about it

We try to be objective in our reviews and tell it like it is, if we find something we don’t like we aren’t shy about it. We struggled hard to find anything negative to say here. Because it is a fairly large set with 67 pieces it might be difficult for very young children to assemble and they will need help with it. Apart from that this is a great toy with plenty of creative uses.

Maybe there also should have been a lady construction worker!

Is The Big Construction Site Set Worth The Money?

With three different machines to build and all the included accessories and figures this is certainly a set that is worth the money. Duplo is also very durable so should survive any rough play that it might receive.

Where Can I Buy The Lego Duplo Big Construction Site?lego duplo construction site

Most online stores that stock LEGO building sets are likely to stock this Construction site set.

Final Thoughts

A big durable 3-in-1 brick building set with lots of potential for creative play with the added bonus of helping fine motor skills as well as problem solving skills in learning how to put it together. Once built it has enough features and detail to keep your kids at play for a long time. Great for indoor or outdoor use, this set a bucket of water and some sand and you’ll have hours of peace!

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