Geckobot Review

In all likelihood you share your house with these little lizards called Geckos or you have been on trips geckobot reviewwhere you have seen them. There are over 1,500 species of them worldwide. But this isn’t a natural history lesson, Geckobot Review is going to look at a new educational toy called the Geckobot that lets you build your own robot gecko.

Thames & Kosmos are known for their fun range of educational toys and this is one of the latest in their range.  It comes in 176 parts that you build to make your very own Geckbot that can walk vertically up any smooth service from walls to windows.

This is achieved by using a motorized, battery driven air suction function that makes the legs move the same as a real life Gecko’s would and the suction pumps enable it to adhere and release itself from the surface with correct timing. It also looks very realistic with a tail that moves side to side as it moves.

How Much?

This robotic lizard won’t be for sale until later in the year but will retail for around $50

Who would buy the Geckobot?

This is for kids of 8 yrs+ and could appeal to many kids for different reasons. The set is very similar to LEGO technics so if they like building Lego sets this might appeal. For children who are interested in science and hands on experiments this would definitely be a good buy. For Children who like nature or who are into creepy crawlies this would be a good alternative to them bringing the real thing into the home!

gecko bot kitThings We Like About the Geckobot?

This is a great educational toy that can teach a child some basic practical science. It’s also great that they can build it themselves and it comes with a fully illustrated manual that shows them how to put it together and the science behind it.

It also can be used to build a further six models including a mechanical arm, a car, octopus, insect, window cleaning device and vacuum holder.

Things We Didn’t Like about It

This is a cool toy, who wouldn’t like a wall crawling robot lizard? If we have anything negative to say maybe we would have liked it to be more gecko looking than robot looking but hey we are just trying to find fault here and there is nothing really wrong with it at all!

Is the Geckobot worth the money?

The Geckobot matched with the right child is certainly going to be worth the money; they can have a lot of fun with it and learn some cool facts as well. If you child has no interest in building things or Science then this might be a waste.

Where can I buy it?

The Geckobot will be available later in 2016 and you should be able to buy it online. We’d suggest checking Amazon to see if it is available there as they are a trusted and competitively priced retailer.

geckobot thames and kosmos

Final Thoughts

This is something a bit different and will appeal to a lot of kids. The ability to build it and play with it and then modify it to make different models justifies the price tag.



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