DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn 12” Action Doll Review

Whether your daughter is into fashion, comics, or dolls, the DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn 12” Action dc super hero girls harley quinn dollDoll review thinks this would make an excellent gift. A perfect blend for girls that are into dolls and super heroes, this DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn doll comes armed and ready for action in a fabulous outfit complete with modern accessories. Comic fans will have a great time enacting adventures while young fashionistas will have a blast grooming the doll.

Features of the DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn Doll

One thing you will love about the DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn action doll is that it captures the super hero look in perfect detail. At 12 inches, the doll stands tall in a cute little outfit that blends the iconic elements of her original DC Super Hero character. The outfit includes tiny blue shorts, a gorgeous blouse with black and red diamond-shaped Harlequin inspired print, and black modern trend belt & bracelet accessories. The outfit is then complemented with blue platforms, color blocked legs, and a color streaked pigtail hairstyle to give the doll a similar look as her original DC Super Hero Girls character. And that’s not all! The doll also comes with a small black mask and huge mallet (which she can hold in her hands) to complete the superhero look.

The best part of this doll however is the fact that she’s designed with the ability to stand alone and includes lots of joints in her design. This design gives the DC Super Hero Girls action doll remarkable flexibility that enables users to:

  • Recreate and act out their favorite moments of the DC Super Hero Girls web series this doll is inspired by. Or better yet, expand their creativity by creating an imaginary life for the action doll where she is attending school, hanging out with friends, or carrying out an important super hero mission. With or without her mallet accessory, this doll leaves plenty of room for storytelling.
  • Strike action or fashion poses. With the presence of many joints and the doll’s ability to stand on her own, the doll can twist and bend in a variety of directions to take on whatever poses the user has in mind. Users can even redress the doll to achieve different looks during poses.

DC super hero girls harley quinn 12 action dollIs the DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn 12 Action Doll Worth Buying?

A popular buy, the DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn 12” action doll not only comes highly recommended by both young girls and doll collectors but also features next to zero complaints.

Some of the most enjoyed features of the doll include:

  • A large size which provides for easy and comfortable play
  • Soft hair which is easy to style
  • Hands, which feature a permanent clench that enables the doll to hold her weighty mallet in a variety of ways (e.g. slung over the shoulders, lifted above the head, hanging by her side, etc.). Some users even like the fact that the hands come off thereby making it easy to dress the doll in different outfits.
  • A solid build that can withstand rough play

Entertaining, flexible, and inspiring, the DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn doll will be a huge hit with any young girl. And thanks to its solid build, it makes a worthwhile investment as it promises a long lifespan. It’s therefore a good buy for anyone looking to make a little girl’s day. This DC Super Hero dolls has a 5 out of 5 star rating.


Small parts, not for children under 3 years old.

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