elena of avalor storytime guitar reviews
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Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar Review

Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar Review found out Disney has a new princess and her name is Elena of Avalor. Little girls will surely love her bold and adventurous spirit. Parents, on the other hand, […]

num noms lip gloss truck review
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Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Review

We present to you – Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck Review, this Lipgloss Truck is a toy that little girls are clamoring to get and we will fill in all the details for you. The truck […]

crayola emoji maker review
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Crayola Emoji Maker Review

Crayola have been a trusted brand for many years and are well known for their quality arts and crafts products. This Emoji Maker consists of all the equipment you need to make 16 colored emoji […]

thingmaker samauri
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ThingMaker 3D Printer Review

ThingMaker has come a long way from 1964 when we created things out of Plastigoop which you poured into die-cast metal molds and baked until your Creepy Crawlers were solid and rubbery. In the years […]

Zoomer Chimp Robot Review

Zoomer Robot Chimp Review

Zoomer Robot Chimp Review doesn’t need a crystal ball to predict that his fantastic robot chimpanzee is going to be one of the biggest sellers for Christmas 2016. Last year the Zoomer Robot Dino won […]