Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set Review

Programmers are the driving force behind the wide range of mobile apps and desktop based software learning resources code go robot mouse activity set reviewthat we use in almost all aspects of our lives. Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set Review knows that by learning the art of writing code (also known as programming), kids get to gain the huge benefit of being set up for a lifetime of opportunities. And that is exactly what the Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set does. This toy set introduces the basics of coding in an easy and fun-filled way that will turn kids into little programmers in no time.

Features of Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

The Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity set is designed to bring the somewhat complex art of computer coding to a level that is understandable to kids and it does so excellently. Through the simple concept of building a maze, hiding a piece of cheese within the maze, and giving the mouse instructions on how to get to the cheese, this Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity set turns coding into a fun and easy-to-do activity. The set comes with 22 maze walls, 30 coding cards, 10 double-sided activity cards, 16 maze grid pieces, 1 cheese wedge, 3 maze tunnels and Colby the mouse. The play pieces combined allow for an endless array of play possibilities including:

  • Creating mazes in a variety of patterns ranging from anything as simple as an ‘L’ shape design to something a little more complex like a series of mazes in varying patterns
  • Creating a code sequence using the coding cards and entering the sequence into Colby. The coding sequence can include anything from as little as 1 step to as many as 40 steps.
  • Allowing kids to enjoy double the fun or engage in a little competitive play by investing in Jack another programmable robot mouse that is sold separately

learning resources robot mouseIs the Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set Worth Buying? 

Aside from computer coding, the Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set teaches several other important life skills. The act of designing a maze (especially a complex one) requires a lot of thought and will therefore enhance a child’s imagination.

Programming the mouse to maneuver through the maze to get to the cheese in turn helps kids to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical thinking skills. Formulating a followable path for the mouse also enables kids to develop important coding skills including directional concepts, sequential thought processing, and visual tracking skills.

And the best part is that all of these benefits are offered in a fun, easy, and affordable way. Therefore, as far as value for money is concerned, this Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity set more than delivers.


  • Can be played on the maze grid as well as on any flat surface such as a tabletop or the floor
  • Comes with an activity guide that helps kids familiarize themselves with the game
  • Leaves plenty of room for growth thanks to its endless maze possibilities. Therefore, the Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set will remain relevant to your child for years.
  • Allows for the building of simple and complex mazes thus allowing kids to play at their own pace
  • Colby the mouse has an adorable look that kids will love
  • The maze grid features several deep lines spread across its expanse that ensure maze wall pieces stay in place as Colby rushes to get the cheese
  • Colby can move in multiple directions including forwards, reverse, & sideways


  • Colby the mouse does not always execute each turn precisely and may therefore require little nudges here and there to stay on course when following a long route

Conclusioncode go robot mouse activity set

The Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set is without a doubt a great buy. In addition to teaching coding essentials, the toy comes at a very affordable price and offers open-ended play that provides kids with tons of fun as they watch Colby light up and make sounds while chasing the cheese wedge. So, all in all, investing in this coding set enables you to provide your kid with both fun and a good start in life.




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