SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car Review

So Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car Review wants to get this straight from the start,spiderman wall climber climbing rc car review this is a made in China remote control car and it actually has nothing to do with the Marvel Comics Spiderman franchise. It’s marketed as a Spiderman wall climbing RC car because it does actually climb and drive up walls.

The car comes in three different colors; black, red and blue. The red one actually does look like something Spiderman might drive.

We are going to delve into the pros, cons and features of this zero gravity car.

How Much?

Currently it is available online for around $25 we always advice checking online stores such as Amazon to see what the current price is.

Who Would Buy It?

The manufacturers recommend 8 years and up but this is a fairly easy remote control car to operate and younger kids, maybe with supervision could easily operate this car.

This will appeal to most kids, teenagers and some adults if they have an interest in cars or RV vehicles, the wall climbing ability is likely to peak their interest.

rc spiderman wall climbing climber stunt carThings We Like About It

Obviously it’s zero gravity function that makes it able to climb walls or even along the ceiling if the surface is smooth is the selling point here, this makes it a bit different than the traditional RC car. It uses a special air vacuum feature that sucks in air and holds it to a vertical surface without falling off.

It also works fine as a normal RC racing car and works as well on the floor as vertically or upside down.

Don’t let the made in China label put you off as this car is very durable and described as ‘shockproof’ so falls to the floor shouldn’t be any problem. Looking at review online it seems that users have found this the case.

The remote allows the car to go forwards, backwards, turn left and right and rotate 360 degrees.

When you stop the car its brake lights come on.

Things We Did Not Like About It

The car is fairly lightweight and small, so don’t be disappointed when it arrives, it actually needs to be like this otherwise it would be too big and heavy to climb the walls. Even though it is lightweight it is durable and won’t break easily.

It does require 6 x AA batteries that are not included, this could get very expensive if the car is used aszjjx spidermn wall climber climbing rc car review lot and replacement batteries are constantly needed. From experience with my kids having lots of battery operated toys invest in rechargeable batteries and a battery charger and you will save a lot of money over a year.

Is It Worth The Money?

For a durable little remote control car that can climb walls we’d say it is certainly worth the money. As mentioned above having to buy batteries could get expensive but take our advice on rechargeable batteries.

Where Can I Buy It?

Amazon currently has all 3 colors in stock and user reviews and videos that demonstrate the SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car.