Hot Wheels AI Race System Review

hot wheels ai race system review

Some of the most beloved car collections of all time are the Hot Wheels toys. They’re fun to play with as is, but when you combine them with a playset, the fun never ceases. Now, as you will find out through this Hot Wheels AI Race System Review, your child will be able to experience his favorite cars in a way unlike any other.

hot wheels ai race system review

Thee Hot Wheels cars are Smart cars. That means they have the ability to run the track and move all on their own thanks to artificial intelligence. You can even set up a race and the independently handled Hot Wheels car will automatically know how to drive against you as it battles to win.

It’s known as the Intelligent Race System because it’s unlike any other. When you get this playset, you receive two of the remote control cars as well as two of the gaming controllers.

What this set allows players to do is to compete like they were playing in a video game. This hot wheels ai racing controller reviewfeature allows the cars to zoom along reaching incredible speeds of 180 MPH. It’s so real, you’ll think you’re at the racetrack.

You can play in a variety of racing modes and the set is changeable for hours of replay options. There are 20 pieces with the track which enables kids to be able to create more than 40 different configurations for racetracks which gives you more than 16 feet of track.

This playset is cutting edge technology that brings the video game experience to real life. It even has same style of racing commentaries that you’d hear at a real life track. But you’ll need more than your fast ability to operate a remote to beat your opponent.

hot wheels ai race carsThe track allows whoever you’re playing with to toss obstacles in your way. You might face problems such a tire blowing out or having your engine fail. You’ll also have to avoid wreck-inducing oil spills and keep up with pit stops.

You can choose to set the game based on the racing mode and skill level that you want to pick. One of the game modes you can pick is the practice mode. This lets users try out the track they’re going to play on and also to improve their racing time.

If you choose the championship mode, you can race against friends or the artificial intelligence. If you pick the free play mode, you can race the cars off the track. The skill levels are for beginner, advanced and expert.

The Hot Wheels AI playset has a carry case so that you can easily move the racetrack from one location to another. This toy is suitable for children who are 8 years old and up. It also has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

hot wheels ai tracks


Very versatile.

Easy to set up for older children and adults..


Best for adults to set up track as to not bend up tabs when putting together.

Takes practice to navigate around disasters.

Requires 6 AA and 6 AAA batteries.


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