4 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Babies

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The holidays are coming and for many people it is their first time having to buy holiday gifts for babies! Many will ask what the point is in spending money on a gift for a baby that cannot even recognize the relevance of the holidays, but that is beside the point. Giving gifts at holiday times is something that we should enjoy doing, and you should cherish doing so for young babies who can’t tell you that you got the wrong thing…that time will come soon enough! So just what are some great ideas for holiday gifts for babies?

Decorationstop baby toys

Let’s start with an unusual one. There are few babies that go without a huge selection of toys over the festive period, so why not consider a special gift that they will have when they get older? Festive decorations are an excellent idea in this regard. You can often purchase something bespoke and creative, and it will always be something that the child knows is theirs every year, right up to the time that they have to start putting together their own collection of decorations!


It’s never too early for children to start building their book collection, and that includes babies. Depending on how young the child is, you may choose a basic rhyming book that the parents can read at night, or you might choose a soft book that baby can also play with. Either way, books make for a fantastic gift, and one that will help the child develop.

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys play a vital role in our children’s development, and help them to learn about the world around them. From intricate activity centres to simple rattles, sensory toys shape how children view the world and how they understand themselves. It is always important to be age appropriate when considering sensory toys, but their importance cannot be overstated. If in doubt, a sensory toy should be your default buy!

Stuffed Animals

Depending on the age of the baby, a stuffed animal might just be the perfect gift for them. Stuffed toys or animals can often become a baby’s best friend, and this bond is not something to be discouraged. Avoid toys that have anything hanging loose, including ribbons or buttons, but aside from that pick the cuddliest, most appropriately sized cuddly toy you can find and off you go!


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