Fisher Price Imaginext Bat Flight City Review

fisher price imaginext bat flight city review

Playsets are a great way to spark imagination and learning so Fisher Price Imaginext Bat Flight City review brings to you one of this year’s most imaginative toys. If your child is a fan of comic book super heroes, then this is a perfect playset for him or her.

fisher price imaginext bat flight city reviewThis set includes two superhero worlds – the city of Metropolis as well as Gotham City. Gotham City contains Batman’s house and comes complete with a small elevator that fits the Batman and Superman figurines that do come included in the set.

Batman’s side of the playset also contains a balcony and the light for the bat signal. The city of Metropolis includes the Daily Planet building. This building has the Superman logo on it and includes ladders your child can have the small figurines climb up and down.

Both sides are connected by a third section in the middle. This section contains a flight suit that your child can load either Batman or Superman on and watch him fly.

The sections contain Power Pads, which allow your child to have endless hours of fun. One Power Pad controls the flight suit that allows the figurine to fly from Gotham City to the city of Metropolis and back.

This Power Pad allows for 360 degree flying so your child’s favorite superhero can swing back and forth between the two worlds. There’s also a roof panel on the top of Gotham City.

Your child can practice flying Batman or Superman over the roof and then pressing the panel open to allow the superhero access to the buildings in their cities.

The two cities contain jails and trap doors as well as hidden passageways. Your child will have a lot of fun discovering all the hidden places the superheroes can hide.

The set also contains a projectile launcher and landing pads for added fun. The launcher and landing pads can only be discovered by turning two of the four Power Pads in the set.

So your child can have fun keeping the superheroes’ weapons hidden from the villains. Projectiles are also included in the play set. There are four pie projectiles as well as two other projectiles.imaginext superhero flight city

Because these pieces can be choking hazards, this set is recommended for children between the ages of three to eight years old. The final Power Pad reveals the hidden Lex Corp.

This company belongs to Superman’s greatest enemy, Lex Luther. The set comes in three large pieces and once they’re put together, the pieces can’t be folded up.

This helps keep little kids from pinching their fingers during play time. The toy set needs to be assembled by an adult. The set requires two AA batteries that are included with the purchase.

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